Friday, 31 October 2014

How To Build A Brand Identity With Digital Marketing

So, you want to build your brand or your business.

If this was a few decades ago, it would be a different answer.

A very different answer. Like general advertising, mass brand campaigns with no direct advertising or call to actions.

Checkout this wiki on advertising for a history of advertising and the move from general to direct response.

Now, it's another ball game all together.

All major brands focus a lot of their efforts online. Here's the reality, offline advertising and brand building is only for the giants now.

Offline provides bad tracking and return on investment. Mc Donalds can afford to spend millions on TV ads and offline media space to convince the general public's mind that their fast food is the best.

A local small business like a locksmith or a small business selling cell phones online cannot.

The same goes for digital marketing companies, offline media just doesn't work. Now, brand building. The fact is, it's the easiest time in history to build your brand online.

Facebook advertising, Twitter, social media, PPC, re-targeting ads. It's easy to be everywhere all at once.

That's the answer, remember it.

Be everywhere ALL AT ONCE.

Find where your audience are. Facebook, Twitter, whatever social network they like, or perhaps a forum. Then, buy paid ads on the network and target your target demographic.

Get in front of your target market again and again and again. Then, re-target the people with re-targeting ads with whoever clicks through to your website.

Branding is that simple now. Find out where your audience are. Advertise in front of them in high frequency numbers. Then, re-target them so they see you everywhere they go. With the right ads, your message can be locked in the minds of your audience for a long time.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Welcome To Brand Extension

Hey and welcome to the new Brand Extension Blog.

It's been a while and now it's time to get back to blogging.

About brand building, marketing and all that good stuff.

Be back soon with some killer content!